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Full Updates Lists

Bookmark this page so that you can catch all the latest FTL updates. Our model roster continues to expand, with even more to come in 2011. We will now being doing multiple updates each week.

2015-05-05 - testing bloody testing
See how easy this was??
2011-01-03 - Jennifer Scarpetta Members' Clip Added

Sorry we weren't able to get this out to you on Saturday (no excuses, but had a small file error), but hopefully you will enjoy this nice, almost 6-minute long posing video.  Jen was in amazing contest shape at the time and we were lucky to get her when we did. Click here to go to Jen's video page.

2011-01-01 - New Model Added - Jennifer Scarpetta!
FTL is pleased to welcome IFBB professional bodybuilder Jennifer Scarpetta to the lineup. This amazingly conditioned athlete has a pair of the best legs we saw in all of 2010 and we're so glad she's going to be appearing here. We did a pretty good amount of work with her, so members and VOD customers can expect to see several new offerings in the weeks and months to come. 
2010-12-21 - New Model Added - Big Andrea Giacomi!
FlexThoseLegs is pleased to welcome Andrea Giacomi to our roster. We hooked up just a few days ago to film this offseason leg posing clip and have lots more of her to feature in the coming year, as she's one of my all-time favorites.
2010-12-15 - New Model Added - Hayley McNeff!
Hayley McNeff joins the FTL roster today with a nice, 3-1/2 minute posing clip from this summer.
2010-12-08 - New Model Added - Jolaine Undershute

Calf lovers, this one's for you.  New FTL model Jolaine has a pair of the most incredible calves west of Jennifer Delano. Calf fans are going to love this 3-1/2 minute clip, guaranteed.

2010-12-05 - New Model Added - Tina Chandler!
At long last, FTL is pleased to welcome IFBB Pro bodybuilder Tina Chandler to our growing roster, and she comes complete with a nice intro clip today as well. 
2010-12-02 - New Tina Jo Clip Added
Tina Jo, a very talented dancer, knows how to entice with her legs...even when she is lying down. 
2010-12-01 - New Britt Miller Clip Added
Sometimes, it's the simple things that are the most beautiful.  Enjoy today's new Britt clip.
2010-11-29 - New Jen Rish Clips Added
There are few women in the world as attractive as dancer Jen Rish, and we're pleased to bring 2 great new clips of this nurse from Southern California.
2010-11-28 - New Dana Richards Clips Added
The demand for this legalicious Colorado beauty is at an all-time 'mile' high, so we've added 2 new clips today.. We're going to try to get as much of Dana as we can out to fans before the end of the year.  Damn, she's special! 
2010-11-27 - New Barbara Fletcher Clip Added

We like her so much, we decided to bring Barbara back again for today's update.  Hamstring lovers, this one's for you.

2010-11-26 - New Model Added - Barbara Fletcher
Be on the lookout for more hot leg videos featuring champion bodybuilder Barbara Fletcher from our friends at FemFlex. Her first clip is going to get your attention if you like big quads.
2010-11-25 - New Lisa Cross Clip Added
Happy Thanksgiving to our American viewers!  We're happy to present a new Lisa Cross clip today.
2010-11-24 - New Christine Sabo Clips Added
Check out 2 great new Christine Sabo clips, as she's in shredded, contest-ready condition.
2010-11-23 - New Deanna Harvick Clip Added
We've got a cool new calf clip featuring the sexy Deanna up today.  
2010-06-14 - New Kris Clark Clip Added
Contest-ready Kris is back. 
2010-05-31 - New Melanie G Clip Added
For our calf lovers, Melanie G is back to show you what she can do.
2010-01-10 - New Model Melanie Gall Added
We're starting off 2010 with a couple of calf-centric clips featuring new model, Melanie Gall.  With luck, we'll get to see her again this year.
2009-12-24 - New Model Kris Clark, Plus Four New Clips Added

We are pleased to welcome champion bodybuilder Kris Clark to the FTL roster with a brand-new clip today. We've also got exciting new clips featuring Kirsten Haratyk, Jen Rish, and the sexy Elektra.


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